Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face." ~ Ben Williams

I don't envy those who go home after a long, stressful day to an empty house or apartment, with no sweet furry critter to greet them. I know when I get home today my big puppy with be there in his "den" with ears flat and tail tappin' waiting to have me coo to him while I pet and scratch all his worries away. Little does he know just how wonderful it feels to have him appreciate me; he says nothing but never has the saying "actions speak louder than words" been so true. He gets so excited to be out and see me that he hops around, tail wagging, stopping only to be rubbed or scratched. I'd like to be able to bend down and snoodle him, giving him kisses, but he's so wired up at that point that I'd get a fat lip (and have in the past) if I get too close to his head. He's a head-butter. Poor hubby learned that two days in a row with a bloody nose both times. I think this calls for an injury inventory...

Me: fat lip, scratched gums (YES, I SAID GUMS), "black" eye, two cracks to the bridge of my nose, bite on my torso, bite on my right upper arm, two falls, whopping big bruise to my right calf, various scratches and bruises. That about covers my puppy love taps.

J: two bloody noses, a fat lip, a twisted ankle (twice), a head-but or two, bruising over most of his body and various scratches, blisters on toes from walking puppy.

So far, neither of us have had to go to the doctor or hospital. We are fortunate because a puppy can be very energetic and clumsy, but a 75 lb. puppy can be disastrous. Hubby and I are still looking forward to the day when we can introduce Chief to the rest of our family. Sometimes it's like having a new baby, and addition to the family. I'm by no means trying to say having a dog is the same as having a child, but we are just as proud. Chief definitely makes our little family complete. He occupies a different place in our hearts than Hobbes does, but he's definitely left his mark on us - no pun in tended.

My sweet hubby (BC-Before Chief) before we were married...ahhh, youth! He didn't know what was about to hit him!

Monday, June 9, 2008

No amount of time can erase the memory of a good cat, and no amount of masking tape can ever totally remove his fur from your couch. - Leo Dworken

After being away to visit family in NC this weekend, I returned home to discover how much I really missed puppy. This did surprise me since I didn't think I was as attached as I've become. Since my Hobbie died in November, I guess I've tried to ignore just how much I need my new puppy. I'm not sure that he missed me as much, but he's still as slobbery sweet as always.

It's so hot out right now, up in the 90s, and Chief is not one for staying out in this type of heat for long. Hobbes was a different story - even with a full-on fur coat, he would find a little shade and fall asleep. One of my favorite pictures is of him asleep in the deck, belly up - I think I posted that one already. I will miss him this summer. I so enjoyed cuddling up with him, putting my ear to his belly and listening to his loud purr. As for Chief, he's not much of a purrer, but he does cuddle once in a while. It's usually when he's so wiped out from being up during the day or for a weekend that he's at his most affectionate.

Best story to date starring hubby and Chief: the puppy pool. As the heat has cranked up and Chief needs to play and burn some energy, hubby went out this weekend and bought an $9 plastic pool - you know, the kind you see in almost every yard with kids. Chief's first responses to the pool were total indifference. He didn't want it, hate it or even understand that water means relief. SO...Sunday evening I'm out with my favorite guys in 90 degree heat and J is encouraging puppy to at least walk through the pool. Nothing. So I tell J to get in the pool, which he does; takes off his socks, shoes, stands in the pool. Nope. (Note: I think during all of this Chief KNOWS what's going on and what J is asking, but just wants to see how far he'll go to get some pool action.) Now I'm thinking J is gonna have to sit in the water, but I don't want to tell him that b/c I know he'll do it. In the next second hubby comes up with the idea himself and down he goes. Picture a 6 foot man with T-shirt and shorts sitting in a sky-blue kiddy pool, urging a 75 lb. dog to "Come on! Come on buddy! Come on in! Get in the pool!" This puts Chief in a twitter as to what to do next. Does he get his feet wet??? Jay, his life's-love, is sitting in the water and he's calling out to puppy! What to do ?!! He prances and prances around the pool for a minute or so and...I would love to tell you to look at the picture to find out, but I didn't snap one - DANG! Our fearless Chief got in and followed Jay's commands to sit and lie down - in the pool, in the water, with his Jay. That dog surely loves his master.