Wednesday, February 4, 2009

To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring - it was peace. ~Milan Kundera

My faithful friend has been sick and is today at the vet hooked up to an iv for hydration. Poor fella. We're hoping all is righted soon, and suspect a soup bone is to blame for his condition, but he may also be suffering from his teenage hormonal drive. You see, hubby and I set Chief up on a play date with two lovelies, both female (ages 8 and 2) on Saturday afternoon. Being new dog owners, we didn't realize that we were exposing the boy to a female who was not fully out of her heat cycle. So for three hours our teenage horn-dog did his level best to get lucky with Zoey, a beautiful Weimaraner. Because we didn't know this was like abusive torture to the guy, we never allowed the deed to be consummated. Lord knows he was a tenacious bugger. Following that day, Chief seemed depressed with little interest in food or play. He played a little ball, but he just wasn't his high-energy, fun-loving self. Then he got sick because of the soup bone, at least that's what we're guessing. J took him back to the vet this morning where puppy is going to stay until this evening. I hope the vet can get him to eat. What a Casanova! We got some excellent pictures though. I'll have to get those posted soon. Now that I know what was going on during that Saturday afternoon romp, it might be little like posting doggy porn. Nahhh, not really. But I find it disturbing none-the-less because as his mom, I don't like to imagine my puppy growing old enough for that sort of activity.
I predict it will be a quiet weekend at home with my guys since the pup is going to be recovering. A little quiet time is always welcome. Just as my title's quote says, sometimes "doing nothing is not boring - it('s) peace." In this busy, impatient world, I prefer some time to decompress, to listen to nothing, to be still. After being at school all day with all of the energy and bustle around me, with so much noise crashing on my ears and bothering my brain, I need stillness. This will be the first afternoon since we adopted Chief that I'm going to have that again. And I just don't know if I'm going to like that at all. I miss my pup.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday, Monday...

Oh it's Monday all over. Lately I've been having such a great time over the weekends that I can barely talk myself into going to work on Monday. Of course I know during these economically trying times it's a sin to think that way, but I blame the boys of my house. We're all just having such good times! Last night, as we all got together in bed to watch a little tv, Chief took his usual spot laying up close to me with his head resting over my arm where he fell asleep quite fast. He was one tired puppy. I told J he lays that way between the two of us so that he can keep a sleepy eye on J (whom he worships) while getting scratches and pets from me - best of both worlds I guess. At that very moment, I had an overwhelming sense of pure happiness. I quietly realized it while my dog breathed evenly and my hubby tried to watch something on tv without dozing off. When I have those moments I try so hard to memorize exactly how I feel at that very instant. I close my eyes and breathe in, almost trying to soak it all up through my skin or nose. I want to remember it all. I hope my mind never fails or that I lose any of these precious times with age.

Mmmmmm, coffee! But do you need that caffeine?

Hubby and I are considering some improvements on our house which can be stressful under even the most pleasant situations. And my poor J doesn't need any more stress in his already tightly-wound life. On top of having high blood pressure, the stress of work and finances just add more worries to his mind. I'd like to think that puppy and I balance out that part of J's life, but I realize we can also add to it. I think I did so when I tried to organize and clean up some of the clutter and chaos we have right now. I can smile about it now, but this morning J was convinced I had done something with his shoes, he just couldn't find them. He was sure I had moved them somewhere when he couldn't find them, and of course he was already a little late for work. Which led him to get a little snappy with me. He finally found the shoes - where he put them Friday after work - but not before he told me I couldn't go to work with a safety pin sticking out of the back of my pants - well, in my head it sounded like: "You can't wear those awful pants to work looking like that!" I can tell ya'll, tone of voice is everything... It's a good thing God matched us up. In His infinite wisdom, and raging sense of humor, He knew I could take it when J gets irritable, and that J can take it when I fire right back. The two of us are a pair. I'm almost too laid back for my tight-as-a-bedspring husband. We are opposites at the extreme end of the spectrum. But I do so love him, tone of voice and all.

I understand we may be getting some more snow here. I'd love to get a hint of spring sometime soon. Anything. I'd take a bird's song or a breeze with a touch of warmth in it. I guess I won't be getting that in this 18 degree weather. Despite this cold, we braved the snow yesterday for some bowling with friends. I hadn't been bowling in years and it was so much fun. I bombed since I'm not that much of a competitor, but J was a winner. And our friends, F and M, they were a hoot - so competitive! The bowling joint was nice, having been remodeled recently. It had couches for waiting on your lanes to open, and couches for the bowlers to sit when waiting to bowl. There were tables where you could eat junk food until you popped, and we were allowed to take drinks into the bowling area which was new. I drank regular Coke and had fries with cheese and bacon, mmmmmm. We played skeeball afterwards, won some candy, and left feeling fat and happy. Well, happy anyway, not really fat, just bloated a bit. Hubby and I didn't have to worry about fixing dinner at all when it was said and done. We just went home and snoodled with puppy and watched the tube. Now that's entertainment!

Friday, January 23, 2009

"You think dogs will not be in heaven? ...they will be there long before any of us." RLS

Hubby downloaded some new pics of our puppy last night so I thought I'd share some with the blog fans, the few I have. My intention was to keep up blogging more steadily this year, but time is so precious. I spend it more carefully than I did a year ago. Part of that is due to our pup, Chief. While he demands a lot of my attention and time, he is so well-worth it all.

Lately, whenever I or my husband read about Belgian Malinois (Chief's breed), the literature will always state, "This breed is not recommended for first-time dog owners." D'OH! Even if we had known this about our puppy, after meeting Chief almost a year ago, I think we still would've picked him, and now we are so glad we did. Neither J nor myself can imagine our home without that dog. He has such a strong personality and is very attached to us both. Well, he's especially fond of J, that can't be denied. Chief watches J with an affectionate intensity that I've not seen in a pet before. If I put my mind to it, I could worry what would become of puppy should something ever happen to my J. But I'm not jealous. Puppy and I have our own attachment and bond. At night when we all go up to be to lay in our little "pack", he waits for me to get in bed and under the covers, then comes to lay up against me while I snuggle with him. He's so warm and sweet when he's sleepy too. In the mornings, when I get up and puppy comes in from his exercise with J, he almost always seeks me out and gives me a puppy "hug" where he leans up against me. He's just very special to both me and J.

In this picture Chief and I are having a serious discussion...
On to another important topic - the weather which has been icily obnoxious for the past month, or it seems like a month. In reality it's been only a couple of weeks, but I think we are all here in the East are quite tired of temperatures in the single digits or teens. We were finally given a God-is-good break yesterday when the mercury rose to about 35 degrees. Puppy and I played and played and then walked for a good while. It was WONDERFUL! I didn't feel the inside of my nose freeze up, and my face didn't feel like it would crack and chip off like ice. Plus, I didn't have to fit Chief in his doggy boots. He looks hilarious, but they protect his paw pads from cracking and bleeding. Hubby laughed at me last night when I told him how excited I was that it reached 35 degrees. And the best day of the week is today - it's sunny and should reach 45 today! Well, it's Friday, and I'm looking forward to the sun, snow, cold and warmth with my family of three. God is so generous to me and my pack. I love them more each day, more than myself, more than I thought possible. I hope you and yours have this kind of love in your lives with those in your "pack".