Monday, April 21, 2008

Poop and Play: a recipe for disaster

Memo to me: don't let the puppy carry ANYTHING unchecked into the house.
Funny story...Chief appeared to finally have learned to play alone out in the backyard yesterday and his parents couldn't have been happier. Then (dramatic pause)...disaster struck. J and I were patiently waiting for puppy to have his last poop for the day while he played a bit. We kept a semi-close watch while waiting, but apparently we missed his first poop which was our first mistake. After I saw him take what was his second poop and picking that up, I called him inside for the night. Second mistake. The horse came galloping inside very happy with his gooey tennis ball companion in his mouth when J perked up in a semi-panic. The stink could've cleared sailors out of a bar. The dog had not only rolled in his poop, but his ball had been dunked in it too! We ran Chief back outside and I tried in vain to wipe the poop off, but a bath was the only solution. Plus, we had to get him through the house and up the stairs to bathe him. So, I put some homemade paper towel booties on all four paws and up we went - to J's bathroom. Meanwhile, J and I were laughing, he at my dry heaves and at Chief walking like a prancing horse in his booties. Other than the slop J had to mop up in his bathroom, it wasn't such a bad experience. I think puppy might argue with me. He wasn't exactly pleased to be tricked into getting into J's tub only to be watered and scrubbed like the foul-smelling mongrel he was. Poor hubby, he had to get into the tub first before Chief would go in, so he got a crappin' bath too. We both got sprayed each time the dog shook. It was like a dirty, stinky Niagara Falls in that tiny bathroom. Wish I had taken a few pix, but who thinks about that during such a disaster?

Friday, April 18, 2008

"No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog (pet) makes you rich." - Louis Sabin

I'm feeling the love for my furry critters today. Chief has been so good with his behavior and training that I believe he is becoming more loving of us. When I get home from work, there he is looking at me with those big brown puppy eyes, big ears flat and tail tappin'. He used to get almost too excited when I'd get home. He'd jump at me over and over to the point that I'd have to yell to correct him, and what's the fun about that for me OR him. Poor guy, but he's just a puppy. But now I think he's learned we will come home to him. He's more secure and settled.

Of course I'm more settled lately because my sweet, considerate husband has been taking on "night duty" with puppy the last several days. I've been able to get uninterrupted sleep for more than one night in a row. I am a little worried about hubby though because he needs that full night of rest. He assures me he's fine, but I still think this will take its toll eventually. I can't have a sick, tired J; he's as mean as a bear when he's tired.

I'd like to give a toot to my family back in NC who are all involved in helping my mom recover from shoulder surgery. A big toot to my little mom. She suffers with chronic back/shoulder and neck pain and recently fell which resulted in a torn rotator cuff. But she's recovering now with the help of my sis and her family, as well as many friends who are so precious. God has blessed us, especially me, with people who are invaluable when I can't be physically there when my family needs support. Mom and sis - HANG TOUGH!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Is there a full moon? Why is it, when people and things start going sideways and acting weird, I turn to the excuse of a full moon? I guess I don't want to believe that puppy is just being BAD, and hard-headed because he is so I turn to a less plausable excuse. Hubby has been having behavior tugs of war with Chief since last night. I've noticed the boy is just not listening as well so I'm going to work with him after work. Serious business.

Just to show how serious I am, I've included a shot of Chief's new digs.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Everything I know I learned from my cat: When you're hungry, eat. When you're tired, nap in a sunbeam. When you go to the vet's, pee on your owner.

Spring brings more sun and warmth. I LOVE the energy I get from longer days, when I can take puppy out for a game of chase or work on his discipline in the yard, and not worry about piling on layers to keep warm. Gone is the biting cold and in its place is greener greens and bugging insects, warm breezes and SUN. Of course, I'm not happy when it rains, which we've had plenty of, but a change of weather is a blessing to me. It has been too long since I last posted, but it seems as the days get longer in preparation for summer, my time runs short. During this long time, much has changed for our new puppy, Chief. Much has also changed for me and my J.

We have all learned that in order to live happily together, only one can be in charge, and that one is NOT Chief. He is one hard-headed dog! Sly and quick too. He'll try to turn a situation to his advantage at every opportunity, little bugger. Yet, we are happy. He follows hubby around like a furry shadow, hoping for any play or attention he can get. Hubby is more than happy to oblige. They are a team. As a matter of fact, puppy gets a little jealous of my affection towards J at times. We play it as a game because it's hilarious, but in the end, Chief knows who's boss. Ahhh, but that puppy face and deep brown eyes...It takes a strong gal to not give in when you get that look.

We've just passed the five month anniversary of Hobbes' death in November. I still miss my furry cat who's purring settled my heart on even the most stressful days. I always looked forward to seeing him at home. I never thought I would stop missing him, and I haven't. The pain has just dulled a bit. If there was a cat who loved the warmer weather it was Hobbes. Belly up on the deck for a sun bath was usually the way to find him on sunny afternoons. I hope in heaven he finds the same plush backyard with plenty of sun and critters to chase. Green grass and cool shade from friendly trees. I'll bet he can even climb a few of those trees now.

A note to my in-laws who just visited: we look forward to our vacation in the summer! Can't wait to meet up for some sun, sand and fun. My father-in-law made us the best dinner last night with omelets, fried potatoes, and pancakes. Wow, it was tasty! Jim and J have the cooking gift, something I'm lacking. I become an idea desert when mealtimes roll around. It's pitiful, and I'm so grateful my husband balances me out. So don't forget vacation-goers: have a favorite dish planned for vacation. I will chose a night we can all fix our favorite food for dinner. As Jim reminded me, it should be a dish you like, not necessary something everyone else will like. I am leaning towards fixing some Greek chicken lemon soup. Yummmm! Can't wait.

I'll post some updated photos at a later time.