Thursday, November 11, 2010

I'm All In

Heard a song on the radio today which reminded me of what I aspire to, and what my dear dog already lives. He lives each day with such unbridled enthusiasm!
This morning I woke up to Chief's bouncing on the bed to alert me with a wet nose and several licks that morning time was here and sleeping was over. At that drowsy point, I have to decide to stretch and play/snuggle or "play dead". Oh, I'm not above playing dead or unconscious just to get a minute more of sleep. But Boy is just too smart. My stillness doesn't really buy me anything except a second's hesitation from the horse who hovers over me thinking, "She must think I'm stupid..." Then he's right back to trying to lick me in the face. So...I stretch and play and then get out of bed, shuffle to the bathroom (after tripping around the Boy a few times), and try to remember where I put my sweats because heaven knows I can't put pants on while in the presence of my dog. I've tried that and he will boink me with is wet nose or step on my pants before I can get them on. Most days I goof around with him when this happens, but sometimes, and I don't care who you are, a cold wet nose to your warm backside is just a jarring jolt! I could see Mother Teresa getting irked at that.
But that's how Chief is. "Let's go! Let's go! I can't wait to _________________," (fill in the blank). With the exception of going to the vet or having his collar put on, he loves just about anything, anytime, anywhere. And if we were all perfect creatures - as dogs ARE - we would all feel that innocent gusto for life and all it's routines or surprises. I aspire to that. I'm working on that. With the help of my Chief.