Thursday, September 23, 2010

As Halloween is almost upon us, I'd like to consider our furry zombie friends...
Okay, I found this funny picture on Google. It's just a riot! Oh come on, you know you laughed.

"All of the good things that have come to me have come through my dog."

Our pack is now in Texas as my husband's job transferred us last year. The differences between Pennsylvania and Texas only begin with the weather. Critters, terrain, culture, housing, you name it. I don't exactly hate it here, but we lived in PA for about 17 years and I considered it home. We had good friends and I loved my job, but I would (and did) trade it all for my pack. We are together and happy.
Hubby and I found a dog trainer who has helped us finish up Chief's training. We joined their dog club as well where we enjoy hanging with people who have a similar interest in dogs.
I am substitute teaching in hopes of landing a teaching job, but I am enjoying my time at home with the Boy. Since moving here I have earned my Texas teaching certification and am studying for an ESL certification coming up in October. Jay is working hard, 10-12 hours a day, in a culture that poses many challenges for him. He's very good at his job, but it comes with some obstacles and other stresses. He is handling it exceptionally well.
Meanwhile Chief has adapted to everything. He is golden! Both J and I find him the perfect companion, even when he's trying to kill a pillow or letting off some of the most foul-smelling farts I've ever smelled.
We have embraced Texas within the past year and it hasn't been easy by any means. But our being together as a family here makes our bonds stronger. Home is wherever our pack gathers.