Friday, February 29, 2008

"To live long, eat like a cat, drink like a dog." - German Proverb

My man is in-love with another guy...our new puppy, Chief. I knew I had taken second seat to the dog on the first night when J was up every 2 hours, taking the object of his affection outside in the 20 degree weather for a phantom pee or poop that never happened. New daddy jitters.
But, the new daddy had to go out of town two days after we got Chief, and I was sole caretaker of our new pet. So I sucked it up and walked the puppy in the early morning hours and after work in the evening. We played ball until my fingers were pruned because of dog slobber. I scooped poop and begged Chief to "hurry up" at 4:30 in the freezing cold morning. I guess you could say we bonded. He rarely lets me leave his sight. He's a faithful hero with a child-like spirit.
I learned a few things about myself in this my first week of new mommy-hood. To begin with, I can endure near-zero weather for extended periods of time. For those close to me, this is a feat because I'm a born and bread Southern girl who likes her warm, fuzzy, comfy clothes by a roaring fire. It must be said, I was excited about having the dog, but more excited about J coming home on Friday. I've been workin' for the weekend. Right on!
There have been marked differences in our house since the arrival of Chiefton. Before Chief (BC) I would work later and work at home. I cleaned when I wanted and did laundry only when absolutely necessary. I was a lazy bum. Since puppy arrived, I've gotta clean and do laundry. I don't like slipping in slobber, wearing slobber, smelling like slobber or just seeing slobber. Maybe the title of this blog should've been The Slobber Chronicles.
Some other marked changes:
  • BC ~ hubby kissed me hello AC ~ hubby kisses Chief hello
  • BC ~ hubby said I smelled good AC ~ hubby tells Chief he smells good
  • BC ~ sleeping late on the weekends AC ~ happy to sleep past 4:30 a.m. any day
  • BC ~ my neighbors ignored me AC ~ neighbors act as though I've won the lotto
  • BC ~ personal space and privacy AC ~ walking from the kitchen to den takes 20
  • BC ~ hubby shopped online for me AC ~ We have our own Pet Smart account

But the biggest difference in our home since Chief arrived has to be that the empty void left by the passing of my sweet Hobbes feels a bit less now. Hobbie was a sweet soul who gave me nothing but unfailing love and adoration, and I do miss him so. When I write about him I still tear up. I'll always hold him so close to my heart. His warm purr and soft striped furry pajamas offered me such comfort on the worst of days. Pets can advance our ability to love without us even knowing it. He's still here with me but I don't see how the ache in my heart will ever stop. But I think Chief is working hard to change that. With a sleepy stare he'll check for my presence and relax a little easier knowing his new mom is okay and by his side. We are safe and a little happier each day.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

"Old age means realizing you will never own all the dogs you wanted to." ~ Joe Gores

One of my sweet husband's dreams has always been to be owned by a dog. Ironically, it was one of my husband's nightmares that brought Chief into our lives.
J swears he doesn't dream when he sleeps, but once in a while he will remember a scrap or two from a dream. This one was a bad dream -- the quick and dirty version: J's out of town, I'm home alone. Someone breaks into our house. I'm okay, but the next day (in the dream) we get a dog and put in a fence. Fast forward to today, two weeks after his nightmare, and we have a 9 month old Belgian Malinois named Chief. The fence is due to be installed next week. What can I say? My man knows how to make things happen.
We first met Chief on Saturday, 2/23. He was not the first dog we looked at, but Chief was the one who looked at us. A great guy named Ed brought three dogs out to our home to demonstrate their training and obedience. Dutchess, the German Shepherd was beautiful and so disciplined. A sure bet in my mind. At first. Then, we met Chief. My first reaction to seeing him in my kitchen was, "Oh my, it's Chief." That's what I thought and said, and in my mind I meant Chief's the one. Within minutes, I knew if we were to have a dog, Chief would fit. I wasn't sure of my husband's opinion, but then I looked at his face. A kid at Christmas, that's all I'll say.
It wasn't Chief's quick obedience to his trainer and impressive pedigree that landed him in our home. He snoodled up to me that morning, leaning and rubbing up against me like our sweatly departed cat, Hobbes. I wanted to cry, and did later in the day, missing Hobbes and feeling like I was somehow betraying his memory. But it was because I missed him so that I opened the door to my heart to allow inside this 70 lb. lumbering puppy who wears furry pajamas and loves dog treats.